News - Police Misconduct

Aug 04

California's anti-SLAPP law (?strategic lawsuit against public participation?) is a powerful tool for defendants in cases arising from their exercise of the ... read more

Aug 03

This week the California Supreme Court clarified that California's anti-SLAPP statute, California Code of Civil Procedure § 425.16, permits the movant ... read more

Aug 03

Notwithstanding that the denial of the anti-SLAPP motion did not give rise to what traditionally would be deemed a final judgment (one resolving all ... read more

Aug 03

Defendants now may bring anti-SLAPP motions to strike distinct claims within a cause of action, even if the cause of action itself cannot be dismissed ... read more

Aug 02

On August 1 the California Supreme Court finally resolved a split of authority among California's appellate courts over operation of the anti-SLAPP ... read more

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