News - Police Misconduct

Jul 19

Zarate vowed he would push for an Anti-Strategic Law Suit Against Public Participation which seeks to ?define SLAPP cases and provide measure for ... read more

Jul 18

And, given the totality of these inconsistencies, was he engaged in a premeditated SLAPP action against Spindler? SLAPP is a Strategic Lawsuit ... read more

Jul 15

An audio clip of Vincent Gallo's unflattering comments about the Coppola family, Julia Roberts and others will remain posted online, after a judge ... read more

Jul 15

Clairborne Hardware Co. is a classic example of a strategic lawsuit against public participation, or a SLAPP. The lawsuit's sole purpose was to punish ... read more

Jul 08

The hearing addressed Life Legal's Motion to Dismiss Planned Parenthood's lawsuit against Daleiden as well as our "Anti-SLAPP" Motion. A SLAPP ... read more

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