Meet the Team

Our law team has over 55 years of combined criminal law experience, having helped over one thousand clients obtain dismissals and reduced charges and penalties. Very few firms or solo attorneys match our level of experience.

Put the power of two attorneys to work for you!

We are a collaborative team of twoattorneys who put our collective knowledge of area courts and prosecutors together with our creative legal approaches to defense work, wherein no stone is left unturned.

We are excellent negotiators, but are also litigators as needs require. After all, if you’re charged with a serious crime, the worst that can happen is a prosecutor decides to be especially aggressive against you. If your attorney needs to fight to eliminate the State’s evidence, you will need legal counsel that is available and has litigation experience. Solo attorneys are only available as long as their time is not needed by another client, and too many of them have little or even no litigation experience. We never have the problem of client demands given there are three of us, and we each have done between 20-80 jury trials and frequent motions hearings.

We include motions trial as a standard part of our legal services. In shopping for attorneys, you may find some who charge more for trial, and those attorneys seem unlikely to have actually done many trials. Our approach is simple and tangible: if the prosecutor intends to bring the wrath of the State’s power down on you, we will file challenges, cross-examine witnesses and argue for dismissal at no further expense to you.

We do not plead clients guilty as charged. While this is not a promise, it is true in over 99% of our cases. So if you do hire our firm, you can rest assured that we will do whatever we can do to avoid a conviction as charged.  We will defend your case agressively and mitigate the consequences.

The standards of excellence in this firm have been established through almost a decade of private practice by James C. Egan, who has attracted some of the area’s finest attorneys to serve you. Twoheads are better than one. We look forward to serving you!